Galveston Community Information

Attractions/Points of Interest

There is no shortage of things to do in the Galveston area - residents love the relaxing, yet interesting atmosphere in Galveston. Residents love to visit the Intracoastal canal and watch cruise ships sail by. There are countless fantastic seafood restaurants in the area that only use the freshest ingredients. Those interested in cooking (or eating) will be glad to know that the local community often hosts cook offs on a regular basis. Other community events include an art walk, which appeals to many of Galveston's artistically-inclined residents, as well as those who are interested in learning more about art and culture. Culture is a big part of life in Galveston, with its deep-rooted historic district full of gorgeous Victorian architecture and a thriving historical foundation.

An absolute must-see in Galveston is The Bryan Museum, which houses one of the largest historical collections about Texas and the American West in the world, with over 70,000 items in total. The artifacts In the Bryan Museum include, but are not limited to, folk art, rare books, historical documents, religious artwork, maps, and Native American stone tools. Dates from the artifacts in the collection span over 12,000 years.


Recreation is a great part of life in Galveston. Golf and tennis communities are abundant, and its many citizens are highly active. Golfing is a way of life in Galveston and there are plenty of well-maintained nearby golf courses to visit. Residents take advantage of the Galveston Yacht Basin, a popular spot to dock your boat that provides quick access to the Gulf of Mexico. As Galveston is an island community, water recreation is nearly limitless. Residents enjoy fishing, boating, swimming, and all the recreational opportunity living by a beach has to offer. Sandcastle building contests take place regularly in Galveston and are fun for people of all ages. Nature and wildlife are important to residents of Galveston, who protect the Ridley Sea Turtle. Just take a step outside and see the gorgeous landscape and beautiful beaches to understand why people love living in Galveston.


Students of the Galveston Bay Area attend schools in the Galveston Independent School District. There are seven elementary schools, four middle schools and three high schools. There are many extracurricular and academic programs that are offered to students. The Accelerated Instruction Model (AIM) is a program that provides a flexible self-paced learning environment for high school students. In AIM, students enjoy a smaller classroom setting with more personalized attention from teachers and individualized counseling.
For those seeking higher education, or for those with family seeking higher education, rest assured there are plenty of nearby colleges and universities, including the Galveston College and Texas A & M. Galveston College, which is a small community college that is perfect for technical and professional two year programs. Texas A&M, which is probably one of the best schools in the state, adores its Galveston location.